Better Results, More Referrals, Fewer Complaints!

  • Want to learn how to better connect and build trust with your patients?
  • Frustrated with patients leaving care early, or not following your recommendations and advice?
  • Want to get more genuine, organic referrals - without asking for them?
  • And most importantly - without resorting to any "salesy" or unethical marketing tactics?

Great, that's why I'm here!

Hi, I'm Chris, and I help Chiropractors get better results through honest, ethical and effective communication. I've been training colleagues since 2013, both as a PRT Trainer for new graduates, and through holding seminars privately as well as with the Royal College of Chiropractors.

I've spoken internationally on communication skills and patient-centred care, I'm currently the lead PRT Tutor for the College's South East Thames Faculty, and a guest lecturer at London South Bank University's new Masters in Chiropractic degree.

In 2017 I launched Patient Centred Training to provide more educational opportunities for colleagues. Since then I've gone on to train hundreds of DC's to effectively connect with their patients.

Ulrik Sandstrøm

Chiropractor, Lecturer

"These ideas are a must for any clinician"

Chris presents these very important topics so well. Thorough and very well thought through whilst still entertaining, with lots of stories to keep you focused on the patients - and to cement the new knowledge in your head.

I did his 1-day Advanced Communication seminar, and although this is an area I have studied for a few years, there was some great information, thinking and strategies to implement on Monday morning. These ideas are a must for any clinician - regardless of your way of practising.

Nick Metcalfe

Chiropractor, rcc sports faculty chair

"A fantastic day of learning"

We've just completed Chris's 1-day seminar. He had a Zoom meeting with me a couple of weeks before, regarding content. On the day, he then delivered a fantastic day of learning to a team of about 15 of us.

Confident, funny, energetic. We all picked up tonnes of great tips. He even offered a follow-up Zoom call with the team in a few weeks time, so we can troubleshoot any of the ideas we've tried to put into practice. Highly recommended, thanks Chris.

Why Work with Me?

I'm experienced

 My father was a chiropractor, so I have literally grown up with chiropractic! I have over 15 years experience working in chiropractic clinics, and have been training clinicians since 2013.

I'm a working DC

Working "in the trenches" means I have to keep up to date with current trends and research, and that I can still relate to the realities of everyday practice.

I'm a specialist

My coaching is based exclusively around patient communication and relationships. I don't try to be a jack of all trades - if you want coaching in business, treatment techniques or diagnosis, there are plenty of others out there who can do that for you!

I'm a geek!

I actually enjoy reading research papers (even beyond the abstract!), and the skills I teach are firmly grounded in the latest evidence. I don't put my own ego, opinions, or reputation before the science, and constantly update my courses and seminars with current research.

Why I do what I do

Growing up as the son of a DC, there was never any doubt in my mind that this was the career for me. When I graduated I quickly realised how key communication skills are to building a successful practice. The problem was, I wasn't comfortable with approaches employed by many so-called "successful" DC’s.

The vast majority of Gurus, Mentors and Coaches who taught  "communication skills" or "patient education" really seemed to be teaching sales scripts, shady marketing techniques, or just downright psychological manipulation.

I wanted to change that. So I did my research. I delved not just into the chiropractic literature, but into pain science, psychology, and neurophysiology. I studied various models, communication strategies, and learned to apply them to chiropractic. 

Most importantly, I stress-tested them all for years in clinic with real patients. The change has been incredible! My patients get better results, enthusiastically engage with their care, and readily refer and review. I've built a thriving practice that I love, and all on an honest, ethical foundation. 

That's the kind of Chiropractor I wanted to be growing up. And that's what I want for you too!

"Chris was an amazing presenter"

Chris was an amazing presenter. Our team loved his interactive seminar and we gained a lot from discussing patient centred care from our site. Chris is a very forward thinking practitioner and he has a genuine love for patient well-being and education. New graduates and established practices will benefit from his courses.

Emma-Louise Emerson - Chiropractor

So, do you want you to discover how providing true patient-centred care not only gets better results, but makes practice more enjoyable? Want a practice with patients who stick to their care plans, follow your recommendations, and refer friends and family? Want to show up confident and enthusiastic for your patients each day, and go home feeling fulfilled that you made a real difference in their lives?