Looking for some extra support and guidance? We’re here to help!

  • Get help with challenging cases!
  • Improve your patient management and retention!
  • Build confidence and self-esteem!

Starting out in practice is a huge transition, and can often feel overwhelming. Suddenly you’ve got a lot more on your plate, and you don’t have the “safety net” of clinic tutors to turn to. If you’re like most new chiropractors, you’re also dealing with a good dose of impostor syndrome as well!

That’s why Dr Rob Pape and I will shortly be launching live group mentorship calls, specifically geared to you. It’s a safe space where you can ask for help.

We can discuss things live with you on the call, or answer questions and scenarios you’ve sent us in advance (totally anonymously, if you prefer).



Clinicians: £9.99 / month

Students: Free!

Benefits Include:

  • Live Calls every 2 weeks (2 hours “learning with others” CPD per month)
  • Access to recordings of all previous calls
  • An exclusive community of new graduates and students
  • Ability to ask questions anonymously
  • Membership is free for students!


When does it start?

We're aiming to launch in mid-May 2021.

When will the calls take place?

Calls will likely take place at 1pm UK Time on a Friday. You’ll be notified in advance of any changes to this schedule, but there will always be at least 2 calls per month.

What it I can't make it?

Don’t worry, they will be recorded and sent to you. Questions submitted in advance will always be answered first, so you won’t ever miss out.

What kind of things can I ask you about?

Well, anything really! Our combined expertise covers communication, patient management, assessment, diagnosis, treatment… But we’re happy to help with anything else you bring.

Is this only for evidence-based / wellness DC's?

No! We have both trained and practiced in various approaches and philosophies over the years. Our only bias is that we believe in putting the patient first - provided you do too, we’ll get along just fine :)

Who are you guys?

Chris: I’m a second generation chiro, working in full time practice and consult with colleagues on the side through Patient Centred Training. I’m also the South East Thames PRT regional tutor for the RCC, and really enjoy helping students and new graduates get started and gain confidence in practice.

Rob: I graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in 1996 and have been in successful private practice ever since. My clinical approach is full body and generally combines joint and soft tissue work with movement therapy. In an effort to help students and new docs improve their clinical know how, in 2015 I created Quadrant Analysis. QA combines a patient subclassification system (so we know where to start) with practical biomechanics (so we know why and how to manipulate).

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