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Discover how you can achieve next-level results with your patients through ethical, effective understanding and  communication.

Better Outcomes

More Referrals

A Happier You!

Chris presents these very important topics so well. Thorough and very well thought through whilst still entertaining, with lots of stories to keep you focused on the patients - and to cement the new knowledge in your head... 

These ideas are a must for any clinician - regardless of your way of practising.

- Ulrik Sandstrom, BCA Board Member and Elite Sports Chiropractor

Chiropractic has some big problems!

Most Strategies Are Unethical

The loudest voices in the profession boast about "Patient Management Programs". Their claims are far-fetched, and their methods don't sit right with honest DC's - psychological tactics, sales scripts or downright unethical manipulation.

Traditional techniques don't work anymore

Perhaps you've been lucky enough to find a mentor. But many of these are clinic owners, who built their businesses using out-of-date techniques. They also lean on their reputation, which took decades to develop.

"You can either earn well or sleep well"

Many clinicians end up feeling they must choose between their patients best interests and their income. They're determined not to be seen as "one of those chiropractors" and put a ceiling on their growth. They focus on their patients, and try to ignore the subtle frustration they feel.

I spent years in this place myself. I get it!

But there is a better way!

As it turns out, there is a wealth of research out there on effective, ethical communication. It’s just that most of this knowledge sits outside of chiropractic. These techniques have been tested for years in the real world, with thousands of patients.  I’ve studied these various approaches, and worked out how to apply them to our profession.

This has resulted in the development of specific strategies and protocols. These enable you to build strong therapeutic relationships in a totally ethical manner. This is what I teach.

Meet Chris

I help Clinicians get better results through honest, ethical and effective communication. I've been training colleagues since 2013, both with the Royal College of Chiropractors Specialist Pain Faculty, and independent seminars throughout the UK.

I've spoken internationally on communication skills and patient-centred care. I'm currently the lead Tutor for the Royal College's South East Thames Faculty, a guest lecturer at London South Bank University, and recently collaborated with the Royal College in the development of their new Communication Practice Standards.

In 2017 I launched Patient Centred Training to provide more educational opportunities for colleagues. Since then I've gone on to train hundreds of DC's to effectively connect and build trust with their patients.

See What Others Have to Say

Dr Ben Roberts

10/10 from us, I would recommend it to absolutely everybody!

Dr Stefaan Vossen

“Incredibly successful… I cannot express how incredibly valuable this has been for all of us!”

Dr Caroline Elphick

“I genuinely believed I was great at communication… I learned so many things I could improve upon, that I’d never even thought about!

So, Why This Course?

An Immersive, Interactive Experience

This course is my most comprehensive yet! It's a distillation of years of lecturing and 1-on-1 work with DC's. These lessons cover everything you'd learn in a 2 day seminar and more. And unlike a regular seminar, you'll be putting these skills into practice with real patients as you go!

Saves you time and effort

Learn online, from the comfort of your own home. No more long journeys, paying for hotels and giving up your weekends! You can learn at your own pace, and will have ongoing access once you complete the course.

Personal Attention Support, and Accountability

You'll get personal support from me, keeping you on track and troubleshooting any obstacles along the way. The course is designed to keep you accountable, and you'll have lots of bonus implementation resources to help you put these skills into practice, day-to-day with your patients.

By The End Of This Course, You'll Be Able To...

  • Identify and respond to your patients specific communication style
  • Give personalised, easy-to-understand recommendations that inspire and empower your patients
  • Build a steady stream of organic referrals by becoming the go-to practitioner in your community

In short, you’ll become a more effective, fulfilled and successful DC!

100% Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that this course will change your practice, I'm offering a 30 day money-back guarantee if you don't agree. No quibbles, no fuss, every penny back.

-Skylyr Strader, DC

Clinical Director, The Joint Chiropractic

Chris does an excellent job at distilling social psychology in clinically useful concepts. As someone who has always felt gifted at interacting with people, it was eye opening to see the why behind my successes and, more importantly, my failures. This will likely be one of my most impactful courses I take in practice as good patient outcomes start with a strong therapeutic alliance.

-Ben Roberts, DC

Co-Director, Cedar Tree Chiropractic

Exactly what I was hoping for and more! The advice and suggestions are brilliant and it makes a really nice change for someone teaching this stuff from a patient centered perspective and not to try and sell a million sessions upfront. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a course so much!

What will be included?

  • Instant access to 14 hours of pre-recorded content
  • Bonus Resources to instantly apply new skills in practice
  • Access to an exclusive members-only Facebook Group
  • A 5 month course deadline to keep you accountable
  • Lifetime access when you complete the course in time!

Module 1

Building Foundations

  • Breaking out of Transactional Relationships with your patients
  • Hidden qualities and mindsets that make or break rapport
  • "Conventional Wisdom" and other flawed techniques that will sabotage your results

2 Hours

Module 2

The Social Styles Model

  • Quickly identify your patients specific Social Style
  • "Speaking their language" by learning to modify your own default style and preferences
  • Breakthroughs with "Difficult Patients" by unlocking your Versatility

2 Hours

Module 3

Understanding your Patient

  • Advanced Motivational Interviewing Strategies for rapid rapport and empathy
  • Discovering hidden hopes, dreams, and emotional barriers
  • Avoiding the 12 Subconsicous "Roadblocks" to effective connection

3 Hours

Module 4

Explaining Well - the "RoF"

  • The Pre-Diagnosis - demonstrating expertise before the exam!
  • How to deliver a "Essentialist" Report of Findings, without explaining, justifying or defending
  • Getting patients to commit to their active care without ever having to persuade, coerce or nag them

4 Hours

Module 5

Reviews, Maintenance & Continuing Care

  • Avoid "Dropping the Ball" and losing patients after their reviews
  • The MAINTAIN Instrument, and Patient Centred Maintenance Care - an ethical alternative to "selling"
  • Advanced skills for difficult situations and talkative patients

2.5 Hours

-Kay Pearce, ISSD, FRCC

Owner of Maristow Chiropractic Clinic

So thought provoking and really made me reflect on how I engage with patients... It's the most change inducing course I have done in years!

-Mark Butterworth, DC

Owner, Headingly Chiropractic Clinic

There's so much valuable information packed into the course - the amount of subtle nuances and specific details in each video was incredible... the best value for money out there!

What's My Investment?

You can access the entire program for a one-off investment of £979, or 3 easy instalments of £375. I wanted this course to be accessible for colleagues, but also enough of an investment so that you actually take action on the material. There's nothing worse than buying a course but not using the information and letting it go to waste

So I've set it to this price to make it so that you take action, and change the way you engage with your patients. So you can get better outcomes and more referrals, and enjoy a more rewarding and less frustrating practice!

How To Get Started

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See What Others Have to Say...

"I'm using this stuff every single day with every single patient. Huge, huge value for money... some of the best value CPD you'll do!" - Sam G

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